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If you want young people to join your credit union, but more importantly, remain members, why not show them how it works? New ideas are often the catalyst for innovation. We’d bet our bottom dollar that your younger members see things a bit different from your credit union’s Board of Directors. Why not see what they have to say?

Board Advisors

You may not know it, but you’ve got something every business wants: fresh ideas. You’re a part of the largest generation the world has ever witnessed and people want you to choose their business, but how many of them are asking you what you think about things? How many are giving you a chance to offer new ideas or suggestions?

We’d guess that there aren’t too many businesses/organizations asking for your input, but credit unions are definitely NOT like every other organization. Your credit union needs your guidance. Credit unions want to be relevant in their member’s lives and and that can’t be done without your help. Apply to be on your credit union’s Advisory Board, meet with executives within your credit union and even speak to your credit union’s Board of Directors quarterly.


Board Advisor Application



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