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“Action is the foundational key to all success.” –Pablo Picasso.  How true is this?  Can you imagine if Picasso never picked up a paintbrush?  What is Steve Jobs and Bill Gates never dug in really deep into operating system development?  What if Aaron Rodgers never held a football?  Life is all about taking action.

So, here’s the thing.  Not all action is created equal.  There are good actions, bad actions and what I’m going to call pseudo-actions.  Here’s how I will define them.

Good Action – A physical or cognitive effort intended to produce or work toward an outcome that is beneficial for an individual, group of people or society as a whole.

Bad Action – A physical or cognitive effort intended to undermine, subvert an individual, group of people or society as a whole.

Pseudo-Action – A physical or cognitive effort not really intended to accomplish anything of significance; either good or bad

Now that we’ve identified the (general) different sort of actions we all can take every day of our lives, which sort of actions do you think that successful people chose the most often?

The answer is pretty easy.  This wasn’t intended to be a pop quiz.  I’m not the youngest guy anymore, but my mother used to say, “Think before you speak” quite a bit to me when I was growing up.  There are quite a few times I fail to do this, but I think that we should all, “Think before we act” Too!

Are our actions today preparing us for the sort of tomorrow we want to have?  Are we taking the necessary steps to learn as much as we can, so that we “act” appropriately when we are presented with an opportunity?

One more thing about “pseudo action”; eliminate as many of them from your life as possible!  Why spend your time doing things that won’t make you happy for the long term?  Why exert precious energy chasing after things that won’t last?

If you’re looking to gain valuable information, support your community and have fun while doing it then Next Gen is just the place for you!

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